How to Order:

Whether you're looking to transform a room or add a unique touch to your space, ordering wallpaper is a creative and exciting process. Here's a step-by-step guide for ordering wallpaper:

1. Measure Your Space: Start by measuring the walls you want to wallpaper. Note the height and width of each wall to determine the amount of wallpaper you'll need.

2. Choose a Wallpaper Design: Browse our extensive collection to explore various design options. Consider your style, color preferences, and the ambiance you want to create in the room. 

3. Request Samples (Optional): If you're uncertain about the design or need to see the colors and textures in person, request wallpaper samples from us. We will send you a free sample for a small fee.  

4. Customize Your Wallpaper (Optional): We offer customization options. If you have a specific image or design in mind, inquire about the possibility of creating a custom wallpaper. 

5. Calculate the Quantity: Use your wall measurements to calculate the quantity of wallpaper needed. Our wallpapers are printed on demand and according to your exact requirements.

  6. Consider Repeat Patterns: If your chosen wallpaper has a repeat pattern, take note of it. You may need extra wallpaper to match the pattern correctly.

  7. Check Wallpaper Specifications: Review the product details to ensure that the wallpaper meets your requirements, such as durability, ease of installation, and maintenance instructions.

   8. Place Your Order: Visit the wallpaper company's website or contact us to place your order. Provide the following information:
* Wallpaper design name or SKU.
* Size in cm/meters height and width
* Your contact and shipping information.Payment details.
* Schedule of Installation / Site Visit  

9. Verify Delivery Time: Inquire about the estimated delivery time for your wallpaper. Confirm whether there are any expedited shipping options if you need the wallpaper by a specific date. 

10. Receive and Inspect the Wallpaper:  Once your order arrives, carefully inspect the wallpaper rolls for any defects, damage, or discrepancies in color or pattern. Notify the company immediately if you encounter any issues. 

11. Prepare Your Walls:  Before installation, ensure that the walls are clean, smooth, and free of imperfections. Remove any existing wallpaper or debris. 

12. Install Your Wallpaper:  Our experienced installers will prepare and install the wallpaper for you. Hassle-free and all works guaranteed.  

13. Enjoy Your Transformed Space:  Once the wallpaper is installed, step back and admire the stunning transformation of your space. Revel in the beauty and personality it adds to your home or office. 

Remember that each wallpaper company may have slightly different procedures, so it's essential to follow their specific instructions and guidelines throughout the ordering and installation process. Enjoy your newly decorated space!